terrix is a dream-powered, camera wielding, moment captor.

terrix loves his photographs to be as simple and genuine as possible because he believes good storytelling needs no unnecessary complication. With each click, he strives to documentary a tiny part of your life’s journey. Not just instagramable photos but the real you are your love for one another. Every moment deserves to be presented in it’s purest form.

ool~photo started in early 2010 when terrix bought his first dslr and a ticket to japan. when he posted the photos online, his friends started sending in inquiries. eventually, he quited his graphic design job that he loved cuz’ he loves photography even more!

terrix loves photography so much that he got a degree on photojournalism. it was absolutely unnecessary but it was good fun. that’s probably why terrix can never stop shooting.

 portrait of terrix-001

portrait of terrix-002

above are some photos shot by some of the most amazing people he ever met